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    A runaway princess turned pirate, Princess Magnolia would have been the rightful heiress to the throne of a decrepit kingdom in the middle of political turmoil if she'd ever had any interest in it even before her family plotted to assassinate her.

    Having spent quite some time living a double life already, she fully adopted the alias Noa and, through a series of oddities, accidents, and misadventures, was brought onto the crew of the pirate ship Cassiopeia.

    Poorly-socialized and used to getting her way, Noa has no use for manners and puts no stock in how she's perceived by others. Most of what she says sounds like it ought to be sarcastic if not for the sincerity ever-present in her usual wispy monotone of a voice, but if she even noticed that people considered her bluntness rude, she wouldn't care. Though quick-tempered, she works hard to rein in her emotions; letting them get the better of her could be disastrous.

    It isn't so much that she has better control of her powers now, but she's learned that feeling anything too strongly—if she's under duress, if she's especially excited—comes with the risk of triggering an explosion. The ability has been an issue since she was young: sometimes it's been small as a grain or two of rice popping apart when she laughs, other times a teacup elsewhere in the room would shatter if she screamed, or the hinges on doors would burst into debris as she slammed them behind her. When she tried to throw an unwanted tiara in the middle of a temper tantrum and her entire arm blew apart as if a bomb inside it had been detonated, things changed.

    Though she rarely tells the story, that's the reason behind her bulky robotic right arm—a miracle of the engineering that passes for modern in her vaguely-Victorian setting. While out and about, she often keeps it covered with long sleeves and cloaks tied to her, not out of self-consciousness but because it's very distinctive.

  • Most notable is her entirely prosthetic right arm, shoulder and all. It's a little bulky, made of coppery-colored metal with all kinds of visible screws and gears and plate edges. It is very definitely arm-shaped, though, and functions just like its more fleshy companion. When she moves, it makes grinding noises.
  • She's about 5'1" and very thin; she's all bony edges and sharp angles. Her skin is so pale that between all this, she looks sickly.
  • Big gray eyes that are doll-like but in an eerie, uncanny valley kind of way; it's not charming, it mostly looks creepy. She usually avoids eye contact.
  • Long, dirty blonde hair unevenly cut. She has thin, choppy bangs in front of her forehead like she was trying to have real ones and then gave up. Sometimes she attempts to braid it, but it's so long she can only do it in pigtails; usually what ends up happening is she tries to make one, misses a whole bunch of hair, gives up halfway through, and ties it as is.
  • Looks like she just got into a fight with a dirt pile and lost at any given moment.
  • Has and wears a lot of dresses that definitely used to be very nice, once upon a time, but they've since become ripped up and dirty and stained, and she's purposely torn most of the skirts up and across for movement's sake.
  • Speaks very softly in a high-pitched wisp of a voice, usually pretty monotonously. She says a lot of things that, at face value, seem like they ought to be sarcastic, but she sounds completely and utterly sincere about them.
  • Easily winded; she has short bursts of energy that need to be interspersed with much longer periods of rest. She's surprisingly agile and quick when she has the energy for it but it hardly lasts for a couple of minutes at a time, if even that.
  • She'll actively move away from people in big steps to establish her personal space; it's very important to her. Conversations come to a stop if people move close to her and won't be picked up again until she's made space between them and it's clear no one's going to be moving towards her again.


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